Pharmacology and clinical pharmacy



The basic scientific theme is development of new drugs made of local feedstock and optimization of drug action using hyperbaric oxygenation. To achieve results use work in the following areas:

  • Study of pharmacological features of sorbent Medicas E, hyperbaric oxygenation and their combination in treatment of acute toxic hepatitis.
  • Assessment of antibacterial action and efficacy of Enoxil (grape seed extract) to treat stomach ulcers.
  • Determination of safety of fenspiride in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Studying of the effect of losartan, lisinopril and their combinations on the clinical manifestations, cardiac hemodynamics and morpho-functional indices in chronic heart failure.
  • Studying of the influence of tranquilizers, adrenergic blockers in combination with hyperbaric oxygen on metabolic processes.
  • Study of pharmacological properties of nanoparticles and determination of their efficacy in various pathological states.

According to the scientific topics of the department, during the last 5 years were supported 1 thesis PhD in medicine and 3 theses doctor of medicine.

  • Head of Department V.Gonciar asserted the thesis in PhD: “Pharmacological optimization and rational use of enterosorbtion.” Specialty 14.00.25, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology on 08 October 2008.
  • Medical Undergraduate Butorov S. asserted the thesis in MD “Clinical and pharmacological aspects of fenspiride in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.” Specialty Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, 14.00.25 on 02 December 2009.
  • Medical Undergraduate Bodrug E.. asserted the thesis in MD “Pharmacological properties of  sorbent Medicas E and its association with hyperbaric oxygenation.” Specialty Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology –  14.00.25 on 11 July 2012.