Pharmacology and clinical pharmacy


International collaboration

Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy is involved in the exchange of values ​​with national and international pharmacological centers, fact that ensures mobility and gives opportunities to the teaching staff. From the methodological and scientific point, we collaborate with the Departments of Pharmacology, with the Departments of pharmaceutical and clinical profile from Romania (UMF “Iuliu Haţieganu”, Cluj-Napoca, Pharmacy, Targu-Mures, UMF “Gr.T.Popa”, Iaşi), from Ukraine (UNM «О.О.Богомолец”, Postuniversity Education Medical Academy “PLŞupic”, Kiev), from France (University “Victor Segalen,” Centre of Pharmacovigilance, Bordeaux,  Regional Centre of pharmacovigilance, Rouen).

The staffs have attended over the past years and continue to participate in several national, international, and institutional projects. V. Gonciar, head of Department, professor; C. Scutari,  associate professor and E. Bodrug lecturer – take part in the executive committee of the international project “Développement et mise en œuvre d’un programme éducationnel de pharmacovigilance dans la pratique clinique dans les pays francophones de l’Europe de l’Est”. Due to the project were made ​​the first steps towards the collaboration with the Centers of Pharmacovigilance from France and Romania. The obtained results have been implemented in the medical and pharmaceutical practice. The purposes of the project is to improve the level of health among the population and to reduce the cost for hospitalization or to prevent the complications of pharmacotherapy.